Our Team

Adam Park

Adam is a personal technology columnist and is a regular contributor to iStreetWire.com

Cameron Chan

Cameron is a specialist in his field and a frequent contributor to iStreetWire.com.

Chris Butler

Chris is a lead journalist, editor, and writer for iStreetWire.com. He regularly contributes to the Street Reports and Street Earnings News on iStreetWire.com.

Josh Smith

Josh is a columnist for Markets Emerging and covers several areas for iStreetWire.com including International Markets.

Kathryn Reed

Kathryn is a market commentator in the financial services industry. She provides market insight reports for iStreetWire.

Mark Elwood

Mark is a Senior Correspondent and lead investigative reporter and contributes to the Street Wire section of iStreetWire.

Mark Nelson

Mark is an auto and airline industry reporter and is a regular financial contributor to iStreetWire.com.

Nicole DeMars

Nicole is a detailed journalist. She is a regular contributor covering tech and biopharma companies for iStreetWire.com.

Peter Elliott

Peter is a regular contributor to the Financial Network, honing his expertise in the areas of foreign exchange and futures. He covers large-cap earnings reports and other stuff for iStreetWire.com.

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