Top Trending Tech Stocks You Should Consider


The beginning of the third week of August brought some interesting tech stocks to the surface of a potentially winning team as there are several market improvements that conditioned these tech stocks to pose as quite a benevolent investment option.

Making the right choices at the right time regarding your trading portfolio is what makes a successful trader with a flattering profit, so we are sharing some insights on the top trending tech stocks that you should definitely consider as a tech stock trader.

The top trending tech stocks that experienced traders are considering at the moment are said to be Appian (NASDAQ:APPN), Silicon Motion (NASDAQ: SIMO), Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU), VMware (NYSE: VMW), and (NYSE: CRM).

Here are the reasons why these tech stocks might bring you a flattering profit.


Appian is a company dealing with cloud-based solutions while providing services for shifting to low-code ecosystems. In addition, Appian is offering numerous software and features that enable the creation of different accessible and scalable programs.

That is why Appian stocks are seen trending up, as there is a growing base of users utilizing services and software offered by this tech company, while the company is also spending its revenue to ensure that Appian is up-to-date with capacities of the low-code ecosystem.

Although Appian lost around 30% of its value since setting its all-time high, we can see it acquiring slight rises while being priced at around 35$ per APPN. In general, opinion, as the low-code ecosystems are still being developed, Appian holds a great potential as a company and as a tech stock investment.

Silicon Motion (NASDAQ: SIMO)

Silicone Motion is said to be one of the leading companies in the domain of marketing and designing NAND flash controllers for storage devices.

As the market for storage drivers is experiencing an increased demand, regarding personal computers going for solid state drives instead of hard drives, Silicone Motion is said to be a part of a growing industry.

As the company is showing progress, tech stocks of Silicone Motion could potentially bring profits to investors interested in tech stocks.

To make it an even more tempting investment, Silicone Motion is paying dividends at quite a flattering rate which brings 2.35% yield at the current price of its stocks. NASDAQ: SIMO is now priced at 59.99$ with the latest increase of over 2%.


Intuit represents a tech company working in the domain of creating financial and business software for the purpose of accounting, finances and tax preparations.

Intuit has gained a major momentum while also gaining friction as stated by Michelle Clutterbuck, the CFO of the company. In the last revenue release, the company also stated expecting to see 15% of growth in the upcoming quarter, while analysts claim that Intuit revenue will surely jump by at least 13% in the period of a single year.

Intuit stocks have had a slight decline of 0.55% while now being traded at the price of around 209.47$.

VMware (NYSE: VMW)

VMware is a cloud computing and enterprise company with a solid first quarter of the fiscal year of 2019 while showing 14% of constant yearly growth in revenues.

VMware claims that the revenue growth of the company is strictly related to the established and increased strength that lies in the diversity of products and services that this tech company y is offering.

That is how the success of the company is also reflecting the value of its stocks, although NYSE: VMW stocks have had a minor drop of 0.14% in the market with the latest update, meaning that the price of VMware stocks currently stands at around 152$. (NYSE: CRM) is a software-as-a-service tech company that showed some extraordinary results for the fiscal year of 2019. Even though the company management expected to see around 2.9 billion dollars in revenue for the first quarter of the fiscal year, the revenue report went above 3 billion dollars.

The year-to-year growth rate of the company indicated 25% of gains, also gaining momentum for the company along the way while making CRM stocks a more desirable investment. The next quarter update should be published by August 29th of the current year.

At the current pace of growth, Salesforce stocks can be traded at the price 145.04$, with the most recent decrease by -1.04%.

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